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Grill Fish like an Expert: Grilling Fish Tips

How would you like to grill fish like our Eolo experts?

So many people shy away from learning how to grill fish just because they think it is hard to do or it might not come out right. Well, if you learn just a few of these grilling fish tips, you should be on your way to serving a tasty grilled fish dinner.

How about you folks that have become interested in eating healthier? There has been a lot of renewed interest in grilling fish especially those that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. If you grill fish, it is a healthy way to cook and you’ll enjoy great grilled flavor. Blue fin, tuna, halibut, cod, trout, salmon, sea bass and swordfish are just a few types of fish that are easy to grill and contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Plan your entire meal when you grill fish so you know exactly what you are serving and it is all prepared to serve as soon as your fish comes off the grill. The secret to grill fish like an expert is a really hot grill or pan. Grilling fish carefully and using the proper techniques for each variety of fish makes all the difference. When you grill fish properly it sears the fish while sealing in juices and firms up the flesh so it is easier to turn and won’t stick to the grates as much.

Determine just how you are going to grill fish based on the fish variety. If you know you have a delicate fish that may fall apart during the cooking process you need to grill fish accordingly. Tilapia, catfish, sole, trout, flounder, snapper and turbot tend to be flaky and the easiest method for grilling fish of these types is to use foil pouches, fish baskets or lining the grill grate with foil. These methods help to ensure that the fish does not fall apart through the grates.

Grilling nice, thick fillets is easy and they make an excellent meal. Alaskan whitefish, cod, swordfish, salmon, tuna, shark, halibut and mahi-mahi can usually be purchased in thick fillets and make you look like an expert when grilling fish. It is possible when you grill fish steaks that some will still try to come apart, so you might need a fish basket. Any kind of medium or large shellfish like shrimp or good-sized scallops can be grilled right on the grates, easily grilled using metal skewers, or wooden skewers.

Don’t be shy about using a bit of oil on the grates when grilling fish if you think it is necessary to prevent sticking. Try cooking sprays on the grates for good results. It’s better to take precautions rather than having your grilled fish sticking to the grates. Seasoning fish should be done before grilling. Note that some fish marinades can make fish softer and more difficult to cook directly on the grates.

If you are going to grill fish like an expert then you need to know exactly when it is done. Nobody wants raw or over cooked fish! When you grill fish, it turns opaque when done. Another rule of thumb is to grill fish for a total of 8 minutes if the fish steaks are an inch thick. If you have a whole fish to grill plan on about 10 minutes for each inch of fish width.

Another grilling fish tip is to check your fish fillet a couple of minutes before you assume it will be done. You can always let it cook longer, but once it’s cooked or overdone there is not much to be done. Grilled fish will also continue to cook just a bit after it has been removed from the grill so consider this while grilling. Check out some of these grilling fish tips and grill fish like an expert.

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